Killin’ it on King George: where to hang out along Tel Aviv’s bohemian street

An urban haven for eating, drinking, and hanging out on patios in the heart of Tel Aviv
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Running from the Carmel Market on Allenby all the way towards Kikar Rabin, King George Street is packed with local gems, each with its own unique bohemian flare. From the most raved about Tel Aviv street food establishment, Miznon, to the hipsterest of hipster bars this side of Florentin, to vegan cafés and even an awesome park, it’s impossible to get bored when wandering down King George. When in Tel Aviv, eat, drink, play, pay like the locals do. Heck, if you’re feeling adventurous, you might even think about getting a tattoo at Kipod, one of Tel Aviv’s top tattoo parlors.

Where to eat, drink and hang on King George Street

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Located in the middle of the popular King George Street in Tel Aviv is Rama. Serving the best combination, pizza and beer, Rama is a fun place to sit with friends and enjoy the city. With an extensive beer list, you’re sure to find your favorite drink. The pizzas have unique topping combinations, causing some locals to call it the best pizza in town. The atmosphere is relaxed, the patrons are friendly and the service is great, making Rama one of the top places in town to go for an easy meal and drinks.

Ha Miznon
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Miznon – King George

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Celebrity Chef Eyal Shani has redefined street food in Israel with Miznon, a pita-centered joint where culinary expertise meets incredible ingredients. The atmosphere is loud and lively: just order your food, sit back, enjoy the free pita and tahini nibbles, and wait until your name is called. Just about anything you can fit in a pita is on offer here, including a rich and meaty minute steak, chicken liver, steak and eggs, kebabs and shakshuka. Vegetarians can find a good meal here too, with a slow-cooked ratatouille and the simple deliciousness of a juicy head of cauliflower that oozes flavor through its simplicity. Don’t want to leave home? Order in - they deliver. Miznon has multiple locations in the center of Israel (1 HaNechoshet St and 21 Ibn Gvirol) and even one in Paris!

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Save Miznon’s bag-o-meat and whole-roasted cauliflower for later. It’s still early so you should head to the hipster haven just a block away instead. Across from Gan Meir on King George Street, the balcony at HaMaoz is the perfect setting for drinking wine and snacking on Middle Eastern tapas-type dishes as an accompaniment to your people watching. Duck inside for a completely different feel. Designed like an apartment down to the very last detail, HaMaoz is divided into three sections – a large outdoor patio, an inner bar and a large back room where you can relax on sofas, play pool or surf online. All three spaces do happy hour right, making all wine and beer NIS 15 and the tastiest menu options a mere NIS 20. Fall in love with the iconic roasted sweet potato and black lentil dish, get adventurous with a basket of mini schnitzel and various dressings or snack on french fries that rival the newly opened Patat next door. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong. 

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Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, on one of its main streets, Tepale has authentic Tel Avivian vibes. With Israeli music playing, cheap alcohol and a welcoming crowd, Tepale will bring you into the fold of becoming a regular. Known for offering guests sunflower seeds and arak shots, free of charge, this bar knows how to treat its customers. And don’t miss their pitchers of cocktails. There’s nothing like a boozy brunch to cure that hangover with the hair of the dog or avoid it altogether by continuing that buzz through the weekend. As Tel Aviv becomes more and more sophisticated, it’s comforting to know there are places like Tepale left, where patrons can feel at ease.

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