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The ultimate ladies' night in Tel Aviv

From letting your aggression run wild in an anger room to chilling poolside on a rooftop, bubbly in hand – this is where to go with your girls

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Keren Brown

In Tel Aviv, there is absolutely no shortage of places to hang out and dine out. On the prowl for a place to take your girlfriends for drinks, celebrating, and having an all-around kick-ass time? Here are some of the top spots for a seriously fun night out–and there’s something for every mood–from hyper, to relaxed, to wild shenanigans. 

Girls' night out!

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  • Old North

It’s easy to miss this hidden spot on Dizengoff – but once you find it, you’ll soon realize that it’s the ultimate lounge for catching up with your pals. This place offers a classic speakeasy style, mixed with a hopping, sexy nighttime vibe along with wacky and innovative cocktails. Helmed by award-winning mixologist Ariel Leizgold, it’s creativity gone wild. Happy Hour is 18:00 to 20:00 (Sun- Fri).

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  • Nachalat Binyamin
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Tick it off your list: drinks by the pool on a stunning rooftop. And this boutique hotel just happens to be one of the city’s best kept secrets. Arrive on the top floor and discover a panoramic view of the city, a chic modern bar with stylish cabanas and luxury outdoor chairs, and a sexy vibe that permeates throughout. And if you overdo it on the drinks, you can always check in.

Channel your inner Wonder Woman
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3. Channel your inner Wonder Woman

Get the ladies together for a night of reme extcraziness in action room TLV2048. Just like your favorite extreme reality show, this spot challenges the die-hard action lover in all of us. You will climb through stuff, go underground, swing from things and use your physical strength to kick serious butt while taking your Wonder Woman skills to the ultimate next level.

88 Ben-Zvi St (tlv2048.com)

Take a Mexican cooking class
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4. Take a Mexican cooking class

Chef Itamar Davidoff is known for bringing Mexican food to Israel thirty years ago, especially as his Tres Pesos brand brings authentic Mexican food to your local stores (have you tried the pickled cactus?). He is hilariously funny and runs private cooking classes – get your friends together here for an evening of creative tequila cocktails and a Mexican feast.


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  • Tel Aviv City Center

Cocktails for sharing? That’s the way to get some real girl gossip flowing. This huge cocktail bar on Dizengoff is like a pharmacy for innovative cocktails, all made by world-class mixologist Yotam Shilo. The cocktails come in three sizes: small for one, medium for four, or large for six – each one bringing on the party vibes. Sounds like a true recipe for delicious fun.

Break things at the Anger Room
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6. Break things at the Anger Room

Pull up your overalls and get comfy in a break room before you unleash your inner beast. Yes, you have the right to break everything in the room – it’s anger management 101. Split up into groups of two, get yourself a bat, and run around breaking everything you can find – from plates, mugs, and plastic ducks, to vases, printers, and computer screens, or all of the above! 

32 Yitzhak Sadeh St (2break.co.il)

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  • Nightlife
  • White City

This is the go-to bar for the cool and beautiful hipster crowd of Tel Aviv’s preeminent hipster kingdom. DJs play sets fusing funk and reggae, electro and hip-hop – and never tire until the early hours of the morning. With plenty of beer on tap and a real groovy crowd, this is a must-visit if you have even an ounce of bohemian blood bubbling inside of you.

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