"Unplugged": 10 places in Israel to get away from the wifi

Disconnect to connect at these nine wifi-free zones
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By Kayla Levy |

It’s time to rescue yourself from the constant stream of Whatsapp notifications and properly escape from technology. From a popular Tel Aviv club with a strict no-phone policy to a small ecological village in the Western Galilee off the national electricity grid, return to a simpler time and find some freedom of self beyond the constant search for free wifi.

Say no to wifi

Ramon Crater
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Attractions, Historic buildings and sites

Mitzpe Ramon

icon-location-pin Mitzpe Ramon

Located on the northern edge of the Ramon Crater, Mitzpe Ramon has more to offer than the seemingly endless desert scape which spans as far as the eye can see. This small town is home to gems such as a jazz club, an alpaca farm, and awe-inspiring camping locations. Go back to Mitzpe’s 1950’s roots, and leave your phone at home while you explore this desert escape. 

Nalaga'at Center
Theater, Performing arts space

Nalaga’at Center

icon-location-pin Jaffa Port

The Nalaga’at Center engages people who can hear and see with the experience of blind and deaf individuals at the Blackout restaurant: a kosher restaurant that serves up meals in complete darkness. Customers will quickly learn that when you experience the world with senses besides sight, there is so much to be “seen” beyond the screen.

The Block
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Nightlife, Clubs

The Block

icon-location-pin Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Hidden within the Central Bus Station, The Block is an underground club modeled after the legendary Berghain nightclub–complete with a similar no-phone policy in two of their three main rooms. Indulge in an evening of on-trend DJ music and alternative vibes without the distraction of bright screens and selfies–if you could even get connection in the Central Bus Station to begin with. 


Carmel Forest Spa Resort by Isrotel Exclusive Collection

icon-location-pin Mount Carmel

In the heart of the Carmel National Park lies the Carmel Forest Spa Resort, a luxurious resort that connects with the peaceful vibe of its location, complete with a no-phone policy that maintains the natural serenity. Pamper yourself with a spa or beauty treatment, sip on a glass (or more) of wine, and don’t forget to leave your devices in your room–or don’t bring them at all.

Abu Gosh Hummus
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Restaurants, Mediterranean

Abu Gosh Hummus

icon-location-pin Abu Gosh

This joint gained notoriety for its attempt to create a 15-ton plate of hummus, and its lesser known, but equally impressive, phone policy–owner Jawdat Ibrahim offered a 50% discount to customers who turned off their phones during their meal. If tasty, discounted hummus and uninterrupted dining appeals to you, head, sans phones, to this Jerusalem destination.

Desert Ashram
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Things to do, Performances

Desert Ashram

icon-location-pin Negev

Home to periodic festivals and ongoing meditation workshops, the Desert Ashram encourages you to take a breath, revel in the breathtaking Negev backdrop, and return to a simpler time–one with limited cell reception. Whether you’re visiting for a weekend or a month, the ashram invites you to let down your walls and explore yourself, not the Internet. 

Cafe Xoho
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Restaurants, Cafés

Café Xoho

icon-location-pin Tel Aviv City Center

In a city where Shabbat means a little more brunch and a little less prayer, Cafe Xoho is a go-to, but don’t expect to Instagram your picture-perfect homemade meal on the day of rest. This beloved cafe has a strict no WiFi policy on Shabbat, so go ahead and sip on that Matcha Latte undisturbed, and actually have an in-depth convo with full-on eye contact with your coffee dat-e. 

Hezekiah's Tunnel
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Attractions, Historic buildings and sites

Hezekiah’s Tunnel

icon-location-pin East Jerusalem

Many tours of Jerusalem beg the use of phones for selfies with ancient sites, but on the City of David tour phone use is not even plausible. Featuring a walk through Hezekiah’s Tunnel–thought by some to be the main water source for ancient Jerusalem–this popular tour takes you underground and back in time; out of sight and mind from cell reception. 

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icon-location-pin Galilee

Established in the 1970’s, the residents of Clil live independently from Israel’s westernized culture–the ecological village is beyond bus routes, and not connected to the national electricity grid. For fresh natural food, the opportunity to connect with a tight knit community, and a guaranteed lack of cell reception, visit the idyllic village of Clil. 

The Dead Sea
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Attractions, Beaches

Dead Sea

icon-location-pin Dead Sea

This most peculiar body of water is located at the lowest point on the face of the earth (approximately 422 meters below sea level). Its extremely high salt concentration (33.7%!) makes it one of the saltiest seas on the planet. The Dead Sea is also chockfull of skin-friendly therapeutic minerals that reputedly combat the effects of aging and skin ailments. Pack your beach bag and head to the popular Kalia Beach, which has changing rooms, showers, lounge chairs, shady areas, a snack bar and a lifeguard. Indulge in a free mud bath, and slather yourself with the gooey mineral mud from head to toe for a great photo op. 

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