Time Out says

Gerwald Rockenschaub is one of the leading contemporary artists alive, and this is his first exhibition in Turkey. For the past 30 years, he's been creating compositions that blend the language of form with black humour. Renowned for his abstract canvases in the 1980s, the artist has been constructing abstract atmospheres, using industrial materials such as PVC and plexiglass as well as benefitting from the aesthetic of TV and new media, since the '90s. In addition to recent paintings, sculptures, wall paintings and installations, '4to2floors' also features installations and sculptures the artist created specifically for his exhibition at Borusan Contemporary. Perhaps the most provocative works of the exhibition are the 50 pieces that fuse the expertise Rockenschaub gathered in different disciplines such as electronic music, design and architectural experiments with the minimal aesthetic of the 1980s. A must-see.


(Events planned concurrently with the exhibition include lectures and workshops. Check out Borusan's website for details.)