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For the past eight years, Ali Arif Ersen has been bedridden due to a rare condition called ‘locked-in syndrome’. Prior to his illness, he was an active photography artist who took on important projects and held exhibitions in Turkey as well as in the US, Cuba and Argentina. He collected his impressions from Latin America and the US in the books ‘Fotografi USA’, ‘Fotografi Havana’ and ‘Fotografi Buenos Aires’ and even had his photographs published in Tomris Uyar’s book of short stories, ‘Güzel Yazı Defteri’. His latest project is a collaboration with friends – albeit from afar – that has to do with where he’d like to go with his camera today if he could. That place is Koço, an essential destination where those living in Moda to enjoy rakı, fish and conversation. 18 artists who have different styles and techniques came together to create a project that’s significant in terms of the artistic variety in the photographs. Some of these leading figures in art are Can Altay, Ani Çelik Arevyan, Banu Cennetoğlu, Orhan Cem Çetin, Ahmet Elhan, Cemal Emden, Murat Germen, Ara Güler, Sıtkı Kösemen and Nazif Topçuoğlu. Another important aspect of the project is that it enables you to purchase works by these artists at a reasonable price. All of the proceeds from the exhibition are donated to Ali Arif Ersen. Curated by Serhan Ada, ‘Ali’s Koço’ is on display until August 31 for Koço regulars, photography fans and anyone who wants to be a part of this project.