Dirimart Dolapdere

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Dirimart Dolapdere

Dirimart first opened in its Nişantaşı location in 2002 with an exhibit organized by Komet in which 55 artists participated. Since then, Dirimart has regularly participated in national and international art fairs. In 2016 a second location, designed by architect Markus Dochantschi, opened its doors in Dolapdere. With its office space and statue garden, Dirimart Dolapdere spreads out over a space of 1000 m2.


Venue name: Dirimart Dolapdere
Address: Irmak Cad. 1-9, Dolapdere

Opening hours: Tue-Fri 11.00-19.00, Sat 12.00-19.00. Closed Mon.
Price: Free.
Static map showing venue location