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From Halka Art Project's website:


halka art project is a non-profit, independent organisation initiated in May 2011 by academics in working in the area of contemporary arts and culture.

It focuses on the production, discourse and presentation of contemporary art and culture.

halka art project is not only an art residency, a gallery, an atelier space, and a design shop but a gathering place, a dialogue and a meeting platform.

halka art project initiates, curates and develops art and culture projects at home and abroad.

halka art project provides support, resources and inspiration for intellectual and artistic process, production and the sharing of knowledge.

halka art project believes in the inadvertent transformational power of art and creativity and that it must be available and reachable for everyone.

halka art project values sharing and exchange of experience and knowledge and inter-disciplinary productions and collaborations.

halka art project is an open platform which gathers individuals with different expertise and backgrounds committed to contribute to the enrichment of intellectual and artistic circles, professional collaborations and public interactions, also carrying a strong belief in the importance of building a community that shares and grows.

Since Fall 2013, halka art project works together with kabine nadire, a sister design brand, initiated seperately in 2012, also in Moda. kabine nadire offers visibility to and aims to contribute in the recognition of creativity in the field of design. 


halka art project choses to be located on the Asian Side of İstanbul in Kadıköy.

halka art project has two seperate yet neighbouring venues in two crossing streets of Moda:

halka art / gallery and kabine nadire: Gallery, design and atelier space, open to general visit in Bademaltı Sok. No:24 Kadıköy (Tel: +90 212 550 29 90)

Visiting hours:

Monday 13:30 - 19:30

Other days 11:00 - 19:30


Venue name: Halka Art Project
Address: Moda Caferağa Mahallesi, Dr. Esat Işık Caddesi, Ruşen Ağa Sokak No:8, 34710 Kadıköy, İstanbul

Static map showing venue location