Hassan Khan

Hassan Khan

Given Hassan Khan’s rising popularity since the early ’90s, it’s impossible not to be drawn into his gravitational field. Following his incredible performance titled ‘Superstructure (The Ammunition of the Nation)’ in July of last year at SALT Beyoğlu (those who missed it can check out the video online at saltonline.org), he got to be one of the artists to join dOCUMENTA (13) this year.


Now SALT Beyoğlu hosts the artist’s first comprehensive retrospective in an international scale, right here in Istanbul. Based in Cairo, Hassan Khan is an artist, musician and writer who did underground artistic and musical work before his pieces began to be exhibited by art institutions in the late ’90s. He’s best known for his experimental music and video projects that paint him as a pioneer. Khan’s authentic stylistic language finds life in a multi-layered approach to output, from video, digital animation, sculpture and writing to photography, sound, performance documentation and installation. His exhibition at SALT Beyoğlu brings together works Khan produced between 1990 and 2012 that were previously exhibited only in Egypt, if at all. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet Khan in one of the most significant exhibitions at the start of this season.


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