Interview: Arnaud Eeckhout and Mauro Vitturini

Arnaud Eeckhout and Mauro Vitturini’s visual sound art collective VOID addresses the connection between sound and object

You formed VOID after meeting at the City Sonic International Sound Art Festival. What was that like?
Arnaud “It was love at first sight…”
Mauro “…Artistically, of course.”
Arnaud “It was fascinating – for the first time in my life I met someone who was as interested in sound and images as I was.”

What made you decide to focus on visual and sound art?
Mauro “I started painting after I gave up on music. Arnaud and I wanted to do something in the visual arts but chose to combine it with sound.”
Arnaud “I had met the director of the City Sonic International Sound Art Festival. When he started talking to me about ‘sound poetry’ and musicians, I realized that all I wanted to do was present imagery and sound together.”

What role do you play in the exhibition?
Arnaud “We’re trying to expose what’s real and what isn’t.”
Mauro “In our work, we show that the sounds you hear aren’t actually sound itself.”

Not All That Falls Has Wings is at ARTER until Sep 18.


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