Moving Spaces


An exhibition of new works by Azade Köker, an artist who is known for employing different media, blending surfaces and using two- and three-dimensionality to produce objects and atmospheres that play with the very boundaries of perception. In her work, Köker has recently been occupied with relationships between urban elements that include both the mundane – parks, highways, people walking by – as well as the more sinister, omnipresent feeling of isolation and impudence that govern living. Urbanness, for Köker, takes on a fluid meaning as cities become loose structures; the flux, the motion, the permeability of the urban is precisely what necessitates her constant negotiation of painting, sculpture, and moving images. The urban constantly slips through the artist’s fingers and it is the lack of her grasp that charge the works with an emotional vulnerability, a weakness that engages the viewer. In this exhibition of works that unfold in the gallery space, each room can be seen as an experiment, a failed one at that. The conviction of each work, the artist is self-aware of the evasive nature of her subject and thus the exhibition is closer to an incomplete narrative that leaves the viewer hanging; each room defeats expectations and it is in this defeat that Köker's work finds meaning. Exhibit opening Sep 11; 18.00-21.00.