Rewind, Pause, Fast Forward Mirrors on Iran

Rewind Pause

This exhibition focuses on the unknown and invisible national realities of Iran through illuminating video works by six Iranian artists.
Three of these works are Morteza Ahmadvand Iran’s ‘Simorgh’, which focuses on a flock of birds that are trying to reach Simorgh, the mythical bird mentioned in a Sufi tale; Mahmoud Bakhshi’s ‘Military Service Under the Flag’, in which he takes on the role of a soldier doing his patriotic duty; and Pedram Baldari’s ‘Fatiha’, which casts a look at religious ritual.
These three pieces come together with Simin Kermati’s ‘School Diary’, which examines the fun and safe side of school in a world full of violence; Neda Razavipour’s ‘Find the Lost One’, an ironic piece that deals with finding a lost individual in Tehran; and Farniyaz Zaker’s ‘Puppet Behind the Curtain’, which sheds light on the physical similarity between windows and headscarves for women.
This exhibition is your chance to get to know these artists and listen to their stories.