Art Şişhane

Established through the collaboration of eight different artists, the art platform, Sanatorium, is open for business. Its objective is to become a modern art gallery where both artists and participants can create pieces freely. It wants to continue on by creating projects, joining biennals, opening exhibitions and spraying graffiti on the walls. The creators of this platform are painters Tunca Subaşı and Guido Casaretti, sculptors Barış İlkhan and Alp Alanbay, ceramics designer Buğra Kulbak, photographers Mehmet Turgut and Osman Lider Yalın and street artist Tunç Dindaş. Workshops, as well as exhibitions, take place at the venue. This way participants have the chance to do graffiti art, build sand sculptures, create sculptures out of junk and paint. Aside from these, painting sculpture, photography, ceramics and graffiti courses are offered.


Venue name: Sanatorium
Address: Postacılar Çıkmazı Santa Maria Apartmanı 18

Opening hours: Tue-Sat 11.00-19.00.
Static map showing venue location