Kaktüs Kahvesi

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The Kıtır Bey’le Çıtır Hanım is a unique and delicious dish on the menu made up of red meat and wheat bread. Enjoy one of the their salads on the side. The lemonade and alcoholic beverages are the most preferred options off the drinks menu. The red wine tomato soup has become a classic. If you haven’t been to Kaktüs yet we strongly suggest you do so immediately for it is one of Beyoğlu’s must-see venues. Kaktüs opened another branch in Cihangir that is a bit more spacious and features a winter garden. The menu is more or less the same except for some minor differences. The only constant is the warm Kaktüs atmosphere. 


Venue name: Kaktüs Kahvesi
Address: Cihangir Caddesi 16 A

Opening hours: Her gün 08.00-02.00 arasında açık.
Static map showing venue location