Ravouna 1906

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 (Ali Kabas)
Ali Kabas

Occupying perhaps the most beautifully-preserved building on Istanbul's bustling artery is Ravouna 1906, a boutique hotel, café and rooftop bar that stands out against the stifling grey of the avenue. While the ground floor of the historic building is an ideal place to grab a bite or enjoy a cup of coffee, the rooftop bar is the crème de la crème of Ravouna 1906, an oasis of sorts where you can spend hours lounging, wining and dining with an outstanding view of the city.

Until recently, this next-door neighbor of the Consulate General of the Netherlands served as a Mudo franchise. However with Ravouna 1906, it has now undergone a face change revealing the splendid Art Nouveau esthetics of the original building. Its long history has imbued it with a modesty that’s become part of its DNA; you won’t find an ornate entrance door or a sign that reads “Ravouna 1906” here. Instead, the café greets you with a few small tables scattered outside. As soon as you enter the building, however, you’ll be transported to a different world. Each detail in the gound floor eatery to the rooftop bar and the eight suites spread out across the building reveals an understated elegance.

Ravouna 1906 also impresses on the coffee front. Famous barista Chris Owens serves as the consultant for the eatery and even trained the baristas who work here. Good news for those who happen to tread Istiklal in the early morning: not only can you get their coffee to take away (we highly recommend their cold brew), but you can also choose to make a meal out of it with the croissants and sandwiches on soda bread baked fresh on the premises.


Venue name: Ravouna 1906
Address: I·stiklal Caddesi 201, Beyogˆlu. (0212) 924 87 60/ facebook.com/ Ravouna1906. Weekdays 07.30-00.00, 07.30-02.00 on weekends

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