Is this our last chance?

Launched in parallel to the COP21 in Paris in 2015, this year’s screening program will take place in December both in Istanbul and Ankara.

Edward Burtynsky
David Gomez Rollan
By Alara Altay |

Ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions, extensive fires from the Amazon rainforests to Siberia and Indonesia, melting glaciers, floods and droughts, rising sea levels and ocean acidification, pollution, endangered species, growing world population, famine, industrialized food systems, the relationship between deforestation and red meat consumption, malnutrition, depletion of natural resources, climate injustice, climate refugees... Humanity’s impact on the earth has been pushing the world into the “Human Epoch” Anthropocene, ending the current 12,000-year-old Holocene epoch. As declared by scientists, enviromental activists, and millions of people who joined in the Global Climate Strike, actions taken in the next few years will determine the new few thousand of years. 

Launched in parallel to the United Nations Paris Climate Change Conference (COP21), SALT’s Is this our last chance? program is now in its fifth year. Since 2015, one of the hottest years recorded in history, 40 documentary films exploring the environmental, cultural, and economic aspects of climate change have been screened both in Istanbul and Ankara. The program, which aims to encourage all of us to consider urgencies and responsibilities as well as our individual and global impact on the environment, will take place at SALT Beyoğlu between December 3-8, and at Goethe Institut-Ankara between December 18-20.

All films are subtitled. Public screenings are free. Reservations are not accepted. Details of the screenings in Ankara will be announced at and SALT Online social media channels.

In September 2015, SALT announced that it will not accept support from oil, coal, or gas corporate entities.



18.30  Stefano Liberti and Enrico Parenti, Soyalism, 2018

20.00  Jennifer Baichwal, Edward Burtynsky and Nicholas de Pencier,

            Anthropocene: The Human Epoch, 2018



19.00  Victor Kossakovsky, Aquarela, 2018



19.00  Sasha Friedlander and Cynthia Wade, Grit, 2018


18.00  Josh Murphy, Artifishal, 2019

19.30  Brett Story, The Hottest August, 2019



14.00  David Gómez Rollán, Chamán [Shaman], 2018

16.00  Lindsey Grayzel, The Reluctant Radical, 2018