Hotel Les Ottomans

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Hotel Les Ottomans

Offering guests the opportunity to stay in the Muhsinzade Mehmet Paşa Mansion,   overlooking the Bosphorus, Les Ottomans provides guests with luxury and comfort with   decorations in accordance with Ottoman elegance. With the details of the arches and   columns evoking the likes of Topkapi Harem, the hotel features 10 suites each designed   with a different concept. A unique feature of the hotel is the fact that it was designed   according to Feng Shui principles. The Kösem Sultan suite is a duplex suite overlooking   the Bosphorus, and its size and style makes it worthy of the name “Kösem Sultan”. It’s   bathroom, which is bigger than two bedrooms, faces the Bosphorus. The smaller Safiye   Sultan and Hürrem Sultan, which is as big as Kösem Sultan, both have breathtaking   views of the Bosphorus. Les Ottomans offers high quality service in a beautiful structure   surrounded by breathtaking views of the Bosphorus. The hotel’s Spa offers guests a   rejuvenating environment where you can pamper yourself with countless treatments   including massages, facials, hamam treatments, body treatments, and spa rituals. Les   Ottomans also has private boats where guests can enjoy tranquil and luxurious tours of   the Bosphorus.    


Venue name: Hotel Les Ottomans
Address: Muallim Naci Caddesi 68

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