3Yüz Club - CLOSED

LGBT Tarlabaşı

The newest addition to Istanbul’s endless list of venues is 3Yüz, a fifth floor bistro and club with uninterrupted water views and a welcoming vibe to match. This blend of concepts can be a bit risky for business, but so far, 3Yüz seems to be pulling it off well. On the food front, we were a bit surprised to find that patrons are asked to perch on bar tables and stools, but the discomfort is less of a concern given the promise of dining across from a Bosphorus view. The venue can also be rented out for special dinner parties, though our guess is that 3Yüz the bistro is sure to be a hit during after work hours this season.


The club is admittedly a great deal nicer than most gay venues we’ve visited in the past. Perhaps our favourite quality about 3Yüz is the presence of the security guard stationed at the entrance – especially given that the venue doesn’t charge for entry. And we certainly didn’t miss the fact that the bowtied bartenders are all decidedly handsome.


Their signature cocktail, we’re told, is the ‘Fiyaka’ (‘showoff’), which is a bit like Malibu Milk. Though we didn’t get to try it out for ourselves, everyone else seems to attest to its excellence. The landscape on the dance floor is familiar: a platform fitted with multicoloured lights and a disco ball for the dancers, plus a separate section for special shows. The venue hosts Turkish pop nights on Tuesdays and ’80s music nights on Thursdays – and if you’re lucky, you just might get to experience the surprise bubble show. Catering primarily to 25 to 40year olds, 3Yüz is so far frequented mostly by men, though we’ve heard that the venue’s gay to straight ratio fluctuates as the night wears on. Here’s hoping you find yourself face to face with an attractive stranger on the dance floor...


Venue name: 3Yüz Club - CLOSED
Address: Tomtom Mahallesi, Yeni Çarsı Caddesi 38/5

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 14.00-22.30 (bistro), 23.00-04.00 (club)
Static map showing venue location