Ekşi Fest

Baba Zula

Tired of the indie pop and electronic music hype? Then head to Ekşi fest at Life Park! Manu Chao’s joyful circus awaits you there among other surprises. 




What: Ekşi Fest

When: June 21 (14.00)

Where: Life Park

How much: 45 TL 

More information: www.facebook.com/eksifest




A globe-trotting musician and an anti-globalization activist, Manu Chao has gathered fans all over the world with his very personal acoustic music that takes inspiration from his many travels in Latin America, Europe and Africa. Freely singing in Spanish, French, English and other languages, Manu Chao is an international songwriter whose songs know no boundaries. In wonderfully catchy melodies, he sings the beauty of the world and delivers messages of universal justice. In his famous albums ‘Clandestino’, ‘Proxima Estacion: Esperanza’ and ‘Radiolina’, Manu Chao’s musical universe is a joyful patchwork of reggae, Latin American folk and African rhythms where he sings simple lyrics and tells beautiful stories that speak directly to the heart.



Baba Zula is one of the most famous and respected bands in the country. Combining traditional Turkish music with electronica, reggae and dub, they create psychedelic melodies where the bewitching sound of the saz, the reverbed vocals and the rousing percussions take possession of our bodies. There is nothing we can do: we become like a snake under the control of a charmer. 


Other bands playing at Ekşi Fest


Mostly Turkish bands: Alpman and the Midnight Walkers, Ekşi Band, Grup Angarya and many more to discover.