Hugh Laurie with the Copper Bottom Band

Music, Jazz
Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie – the British comedian and actor in the long-running and award-winning series ‘House’ – is coming to Istanbul for the IKSV Jazz Fest. Though he’s acclaimed mainly for his acting, his affinity for music goes back to when he started on the piano at the age of six. Following a period when he developed a passion for guitar and blues guitarists, Laurie went back to his first love, the piano. He had revealed his prodigious musical talents in a few episodes of ‘House’ before he released his first album. He started the preparations right after the final episode of the series, and among all the instruments he can play, including the guitar, drums, harmonica, and saxophone, he chose the piano to launch his ensuing music career. Laurie’s first album ‘Let Them Talk’ was released in 2011 to critical acclaim. Since then, he has been a guest at leading festivals worldwide. His second album ‘Didn’t it Rain’ was released in 2013, achieving top ranking in the Blues category. Laurie’s regular touring colleagues, the nine-member Copper Bottom Band, will be on stage with him in this concert – an Istanbul debut – at the Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theatre.