Il Divo

Music, Classical and opera

The touring show with four handsome and versatile tenors sing operatic favourites.The record-breaking classical crossover quartet, the Swiss tenor Urs Buhler, baritone Carlos Marin from Spain, the French pop artist Sebastien Izambard and tenor David Miller from the USA first came together in 2003, the culmination of an exhaustive search by the music producer Simon Cowell to find four singers of distinctive individual gifts who could, as a group, create musical magic.

The quartet first announced themselves to the world with their self-titled, multiplatinum debut album in 2004. Further No 1 albums followed ‘Ancora’, ‘Siempre’ and ‘The Promise’ and at every stage, Il Divo remained true to their artistic mission: to share with the world their passion for music, and their passionate belief in it as a unifying force. 


Tickets: first category (stage front, seated,with Miles & Smiles discount) 190 TL, regular 265 TL; second category (grandstand, with Miles & Smiles discount) 154 TL, regular 214 TL; third category (grandstand, with Miles & Smiles discount)134.50 TL, regular 187 TL; fourth category (grandstand, with Miles & Smiles discount) 117 TL, regular 162 TL; fifth category (grandstand, with Miles & Smiles discount) 87 TL, regular 120 TL; sixth category (near stage, standing, with Miles & Smiles discount) 72 TL, regular 99 TL.