Interview: Mehmet Öğünç

Mehmet Öğünç

Assistant sound manager, Zorlu PSM

What does a sound engineer do?
“Sound technicians and engineers do everything from choosing and installing the appropriate loudspeaker system for concerts to setting up the tools based on the musician’s needs and ensuring that the soundcheck goes off without a hitch.”

How did you get into your line of work?
“I graduated from the Radio and Television Technology program at Istanbul University’s Vocational School of Technical Sciences. I then studied live audio engineering in London. I worked at a number of companies that rent and install audio equipment, like İKSV, Babylon and İş Sanat.”

How do you prepare for a concert?
“First, we get the rider, or the list of technical equipment needed, from the musician’s technical staff. We compare the tools we have with what’s needed, then we send them a new list. After we agree on the equipment, we start setting up the stage on the morning of the concert. We test the sound system before the artist’s technical staff arrives. Finally, we rehearse with the musician three hours before the concert.”

Do you have a favorite event that you worked on?
“The best part about this job is being a part of the concerts. I got to be the sound engineer for Hugh Jackman’s performance, since he didn’t have his own technician. I was very impressed by his stage presence and humility.”

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