Jenny Hval

Music, Rock and indie
Jenny Hval

The Quietus calls Norwegian dream-pop musician, songwriter and composer Jenny Hval "one of the most powerfully feminine voices in music today," and they're right. "The intimacy of her lyrics," they continue, "– through which are scattered uncompromising references to physicality, decay, mythology, sexuality and carnal desire – have won her significant respect in her [Norway]… and word is finally starting to spread beyond Scandinavia." 


Hval has a fierce intellect, evident in both her musical composition and the coherence and intensity of her lyricism. "One thing that I truly love about pop music," Hval has said, "is that I can create colours and shapes with words – a pattern of sounds where some words glow with clarity, and others are hiding between consonants. A pulse of words that the listener can sense and feel."


Hval released two albums under the alias Rockettothesky. When her third record 'Viscera' was released in 2011 under her own name, WIRE magazine described the record as: “a stunning achievement both conceptually and musically.” Her latest album, 'Innocence Is Kinky' (2013), was recorded with producer John Parish, lauded for his work with PJ Harvey, Giant Sand and Sparklehorse. 


Multidisciplinary and transgressive, Hval’s polyphonic artistry seamlessly interweaves musical, literary, visual and performative modes of expression. See her play at Salon IKSV on Wednsday, February 12th.