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Red Hot Chili Peppers

Turkey has never waited for a band like it’s waited for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Even if those of us who grew up listening to the band are now nearing our 30s, each one of us will journey to the past on September 8. The truth is that we’d have loved to witness a band line-up that features the brilliance of John Frusciante, but we’ll make do with Flea, Anthony Kiedis, Chad Smith and Josh Klinghoffer. Though we’re pretty sure we’ll get to hear our favourites like ‘Under the Bridge’, ‘Give it Away’ and ‘By the Way’, we’re a little dismayed to hear that ‘Otherside’s been missing from most of their recent set lists.


The opening number for the RHCP concert is Turkish group Athena. As for transportation, free shuttles are available to santralistanbul from Karaköy, Taksim/Gümüşsuyu and Mecidiyeköy (for details, see If you insist on taking your car, you can make use of the local İSPARK spots, but they’re likely to be jam-packed, making the shuttles the less stressful option.


As we were preparing this issue, the first, second and third category tickets, as well as 95 percent of the remaining tickets, had all sold out. A limited number of additional first category tickets were released later on, though they’re likely to sell out quickly. If you managed to purchase a Diamond Platform ticket, a rather luxurious experience awaits you at the concert. Not only do you get to enter and exit separately from everyone else and make use of the valet service, but you can also take advantage of the unlimited drinks, cocktails and food offered at the Lucca Comfort Zone.


A popular topic of discussion since the alcohol ban at One Love, the cancellation of the Festival and the change in venues for the Feist and Stevie Wonder concerts has been whether or not alcohol would be sold at the RHCP concert (since there are very few venues capable of holding crowds the size expected to attend the RHCP concert, it’s unlikely that the venue shift is even a concern). Unfortunately, we don’t have any definitive answers on the alcohol front, as we’re all on standby until the concert kicks off.


And a last word of gossip: we’ve heard that the backstage requests made by RHCP include a family-kids’ room, meditation rooms with living trees in them, changing rooms and absolutely no leather or plastic furniture. The group also refrains from eating or drinking anything not prepared by their own organic chef throughout the almost-60-city tour.


Istanbul’s seen a lot of concerts this year, but we’re sure that the RHCP show is set to be the biggest of them all.


Tickets: Diamond Platform - Lucca Comfort Zone (VIP area) 850 TL, Platinum Ring (stage front) 600 TL, Golden Ring (stage front) 450 TL, first category 150 TL (sold out), second category 125 TL (sold out), third category 75 TL (sold out)