The Wall Live - Roger Waters

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Roger Waters

Why go? Back in 1979, British psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd mastered the “concept album” with its history-making record “The Wall,” a huge production from start to finish. (For the concert tour, a 110-meter-long wall was built on stage.) Former Floyd member Roger Waters, the main songwriter behind the album, has been touring with a live version of “The Wall” since 2010, but this is the first year the incredibly ambitious rock show will come to Istanbul.


What to expect The album “The Wall” grappled with personal fears of racism, sexism and nationalism – the “walls” of fear built around society – themes that Waters says are still relevant today. Given recent events in Istanbul and around Turkey, namely the mass protests for which Waters himself issued a message of support, and the conflicts still raging in the region, there couldn’t be a more meaningful time for this thought-provoking concert to come to Istanbul.