Tori Amos

Music, Rock and indie
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Tori Amos

While punk in the 70s made it possible for female rock musicians to do something a little edgier than croon like songbirds, a dynamic remained in which women artists were branded as two-dimensional versions of their male counterparts. In the 90s the barrier somehow dissolved, and female alternative musicians suddenly flooded the airwaves with emotionally complex songs, beyond the confines of simple sweetness or caricatured anti-authoritarianism. There was PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple, Juliana Hatfield - but most of all there was Tori Amos, a powerhouse of musical talent and unbridled intellect. Tori's lyrics are raw, her arrangements skillful, her presence as striking as her signature red hair. She's been nominated for eight Grammys and has sold 12 million records, eclipsing her counterparts and inspiring droves of upcoming musicians along the way.

Küçük Çiftlik Park, 18.00, 99-250 TL