Yakaza Ensemble

Music, Jazz

Istanbul based Yakaza Ensemble was formed in 2008. Since then the group has performed numerous concerts in Turkey and abroad. The group's first album "A'mak-ı Hayal" was released by A.K. Music Istanbul. Their second album "İçbükeydış" was produced in different formats in Turkey, as well as Japan. The group has been attracting attention with their eye-catching live performances; their performances invite listeners into a deep journey!

Eray Düzgünsoy: Afghani rebab, Guitar, Vocal, Percussions
Fakih Kademoğlu: Ney, Shakuhachi, Saxophone, Saron, Percussions
Ceren Erendor: Cello
Ömer Sarıgedik: Fretless Bass Guitar, Electronics
Guest Artist: Kaan Buldular