Yakaza Ensemble

Music, Jazz
Yakaza Ensemble

Istanbul based Yakaza Ensemble was formed in 2008. Since then the group has performed numerous concerts in Turkey and abroad. The group's first album "A'mak-ı Hayal" was released by A.K. Music Istanbul. Their second album "İçbükeydış" was produced in different formats in Turkey, as well as Japan. The group has been attracting attention with their eye-catching live performances; their performances invite listeners into a deep journey!

Eray Düzgünsoy: Afghani rebab, Guitar, Vocal, Percussions
Fakih Kademoğlu: Ney, Shakuhachi, Saxophone, Saron, Percussions
Ceren Erendor: Cello
Ömer Sarıgedik: Fretless Bass Guitar, Electronics
Guest Artist: Kaan Buldular