Les Belles de Nuit Festival: Miss Peel, Nat, Max Bambi


Kicking off tonight is a three-day, three-night-long ‘mini’ festival at Mini Müzikhol where women (more specifically, over ten female Swiss musicians) reign supreme. The festival is a product of the ties formed between Istanbul and Zurich’s electronic music communities to promote friendship. Focusing on more than just music, the festival also highlights decorations, costumes, dance, lighting and art. Awaiting at the festival are DJ workshops with Playlove aka Nathalie Brunner and Marlene Böhmann, dance workshops with dancer Bahar Sarah Sarak and Sarah Hunziker and three nights’ worth of performances by musicians and DJs, including Miss Peel, Nat, Max Bambi, Be my Schatz, Klara Himmel, Playlove, Ast a la vista, Katharina Kabel and Pilocka Krach. Also including appearances by female Turkish musicians and artists, the event includes Eva Geiser’s light installation and Daisy Marcou’s decorations. Playing tonight are Miss Peel, Nat and Max Bambi; tomorrow (Feb 22) it’s Klara Himmel, Playlove and Be my Schatz; and on Sat (Feb 23) you can hear Ast a la vista, Katharina Kabel and Pilocka Krach (live). For a more comprehensive look at the three-day programme, visit facebook.com/minimuzikhol.