Nightlife Akaretler

Following the success of establishments like Ghetto, Sortie, Salomanje, Cento per Cento and Kalamata Meyhane, Eksen Group’s taken on yet another nightlife venue. Those familiar with the Akaretler neighbourhood will recognise the space as the former location of both Kaf:f and der die das.


Newcomer Limoncello plays mostly Turkish pop music in a semi-outdoor space full of candy- coloured pillows and couches (we can’t pretend to be thrilled about seeing the wooden terrace roofed over). There’s no food on the menu, only domestic and imported drinks. The cocktails are the most popular offerings here, with flavours like Blue Marine, Passion Fruit, Feraye and the crowd favourite Limonella, which features limoncello, vodka and lime. 


Venue name: Limoncello
Address: Süleyman Seba Caddesi 34

Opening hours: Daily 22.00-02.00
Static map showing venue location