Off Pera

Nightlife Tarlabaşı

Off Pera, run by Ferah Aydın and Funda Ödemiş, has captured distinction through its music, its bubbly barmaid Gülfe and its original design. With a variety of high profile events from Turkish pop singers to rock concerts, jazz to funk, this venue managed to make a lot of noise; and this paid off in the end. When it comes to staff, no one can compete with the smiling, sweetheart barmaid, Gülfem Çölo/lu. Her deliciously enticing elixirs that adds to the entertaining and exciting atmosphere are the cherry on top. Brave bar-goers who feel a cough or cold coming on, find their way to Off Pera to fuel up on Gülfem’s natural herbal potions, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. That’s not just good service, but a great public service! 


This cozy bar keeps us warm in the winter as we huddle indoors and in the summer, the venue spills out onto the street in celebration of the nice weather. If you haven’t yet discovered this award-winning bar, we recommend you christen your first visit with an Irish Car Bomb Off Pera cocktail. Follow their Facebook page for more info on surprise DJs and other exciting events happening at Off Pera


Venue name: Off Pera
Address: Gönül Sokak Canova Apartmanı, No. 14A

Static map showing venue location