Nightlife Beşiktaş

This is a posh area with its colourful dimmed lighting, leather couches, tables for two and swanky staircase; the section upstairs is no different. The venue has the type of ambiance that’ll make you regret showing up in jeans and a t-shirt. The lower floor is preferred by many exclusive guests and regulars and is where people dine when the top floor is closed. At the end of the floor, beyond the wall that looks like a mirror, is the salon privé section. It’s impossible to know who or what is inside; as you’re there, a marriage proposal may take place that will appear in all the newspapers the next day; a world-renowned musician who’s staying at Sheraton may be having dinner; a famous businessman may be holding a meeting; or even more outrageously, people may be hooked into a Play Station game unit in this section. The reservations for the salon privé, which has a capacity of 10, are held confidential upon request. You can rent out this section to show off to your friends or to see people go green with envy when you step out into the main section of Qubbe later in the evening.


For those who have no hope of entering this section, let’s give a couple of details about the main area: the décor is overly ostentatious, with only black and gold colours used. There is an LCD television, a dining table and a couch on which you can spread out. If you can take your eyes off that room when you’re at Qubbe, you’ll notice that the city is right at your feet, especially if you’re on the top floor. Perhaps the most ambitious detail of the venue is its stairwell. You ascend these stairs as if to climb up into the sky; once you notice the city lights and the height at which you’re gazing out at them, it’s hard for anyone to convince you to go downstairs. This dome-shaped closed section is where special invites and events are held, while it turns into a nightclub for Saturdays parties, with a DJ cabin, a stage and a bar.


Qubbe’s menu features a large variety, from ravioli to salads, burgers to snacks, yet there are no entrées. What we mean by entrée, of course, is meat, chicken or fish dishes that are served with garnishes. The five-cheese heart-shaped ravioli and the Girne (Kyrenia) salad with fresh fruits are highlights. The menu’s design fits the venue, with the cover incorporating a framed mirror and embossed gold. Get dailed information about Qubbe’s events and hosting your own event.


Venue name: Qubbe
Address: Büyükdere Caddesi 233, Üç Yol Mevkii Maslak Sheraton 26. Kat

Opening hours: Daily 11.00-04.00.
Static map showing venue location