175 Derece Cupcakebar

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175 Derece

We’d eagerly been waiting for the day this cute shop on a side street in Etiler would open its doors. And when it finally did, we realised that it was well worth the wait. As is evident from its name, 175 Derece Cupcakebar is dedicated to cupcakes prepared exclusively with fresh, natural ingredients and baked at 175 degrees.


175 Derece Cupcakebar’s founder, Esra Bozer, left her university studies in America to pursue an education at Cordon Bleu in France before opening up her own shop. Based on the few treats we had a chance to sample (2 TL each), we can safely say that there’s no harm in taking a short break from your diet to try these delicious cupcakes: you’d be missing out if you didn’t.


This locale’s primary mission is to cater for events, parties and special days. You just select your cupcakes online (and you must select at least four of each variety), then place your order three days in advance for a minimum of 16 cupcakes. You can opt to have them delivered to your house or choose to pick them up – though truth be told, we’d be surprised if any of them made it all the way home with you. 


Venue name: 175 Derece Cupcakebar
Address: Seher Yıldızı Sokak 22B

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 09.00-17.00
Static map showing venue location