360 Suada Club

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Don’t say “360 was enough with its amazing terrace, why the need for a summer location”. This new 360 is taking you away from the city and bringing the St. Tropez vibe with its location right by the pool and mainly white and turquoise decoration. Sitting at the bar covered with white straws on top and sipping through ice-cold fruit cocktails Is the best medicine for daily stress.


When you sit at the table for dinner, first thing that comes to the table is freshly-baked mini pittas and olive oil, basil, rosemary and garlic in a mortar. You pound these in the mortar first and taste. Menu design is also dominated by white and turqouise, refreshing and very much in harmony with the whole place with its titles and cozy illustrations and fonts. There are two different menus: “360 sun” for lunch, “360 moon” for dinner. “Sun” menu consists shareable appetizers, salads, sushi (not so perfect but if you have cravings for sushi it will satisfy you in the island), doughs from East/West, burgers, meats from the grill and 360 avant-garde pittas. And the “Moon” menu provides you with choices like shareable appetizers, carpaccios, few kinds of salads, soup, slow food, main dishes, doughs from East/West, meats from the grill and sushi.The choices are obviously different under the titles. When we talk about them in general, they may sound ordinary but the menu withholds many dishes as original as “360 Avant-garde Iskender Kebap”, “Drunken Octopus”, “Chili Steak with Dark Chocolate”, “Little Duck Pastries”. (Thank you Mike Norman!)


By the way, we shouldn’t pass to tell you the water menu which has 15 different variety of choices from around the world. Very creative. There is also an option for a set menu. An appitizer of your choice, main dish and the dessert for 60 TL.Wine menu offers many local and foreign choices under creative categories such as ‘in the glass’, ‘dynamic and fruity’, ‘soft, full and mellow’, ‘lively, cooling and fruity’ and ‘almost sweet’. Last words: Everything aside, it is very admirable that even though they were sure the place would be a hit, they thought of every tiny detail and put very much effort for a place that will only be open for a couple of months. We hope this sets an example....From the menu: Stuffed Zucchini Flower: 12 TL Duck Carpaccio: 18 TL Cold Melon Soup with Mint: 15 TL Sea Bream Cooked in Grape Leaves: 32 TL Lobster Risotto: 55 TL Glass of Wine: 12-16 TL


Venue name: 360 Suada Club
Address: Galatasaray Adası, Kuruçeşme

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