50 Bistro

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fifty bistro

Although 50 Bistro’s name is a nod to the venue’s policy of serving only 50-cl beer (8.50 TL), its café-bistro ambience and all-day menu help set it apart from the other establishments in the heart of Nevizade that mostly offer uncomfortable stools and watered-down brew. The snack menu is a mixed bag of popular flavours, from spring rolls to homemade spicy chips, all of which go great with cocktails like the Mojito Kiwi (17.50 TL), Birthday (pineapple juice, Baileys, vodka, milk) or Rainbow (pomegranate juice, peach juice, vodka). Some notable main courses include the Mexican steak (25.50 TL), Italian fettuccine (17.50 TL), meat quesadilla (20.50 TL) and çentik kebap (made with minced meat, potato wedges, tomatoes and peppers, 25.50 TL). For dessert, your best bets are tiramisu, chocolate-banana crepes and fried ice cream. Let’s also note that on Friday and Saturday nights, 50 Bistro ditches its calm atmosphere in favour of dance parties and DJs.


Venue name: 50 Bistro
Address: Kameriye Sokak 11

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10.00-02.00; Sat-Sun 10.00-04.00.
Static map showing venue location