Ali Baba Balık

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Ali Baba Balık is right next door to the famous Ali Baba Köftecisi and opposite the Arnavutköy ferry wharf. In such a central location, Ali Baba Balık has been full to overflowing since day one. Incidentally, the only difference between this restaurant and those around it, is that this one is cheaper. When we say fish restaurant, don’t think of rakı, mezzes, and hours spent sitting and eating, Ali Baba is perfect for your lunch break when you really feel like some grilled fish. And this is Ali Baba’s real target audience, the two-storey, 120 person capacity restaurant is ideal for office workers and people who want to enjoy their seafood without alcohol. Neither in the décor, nor in the service, nor even in the menu are there any particularly different or exceptional qualities. But their fish is caught daily and their salads are fresh…as well as grilled, fried and stewed fish, the menu also offers fried calamari, mussels, stuffed zucchini blossoms, salicornia, stuffed mussels, and aubergine salad. Fish in salt is also made to order.


Venue name: Ali Baba Balık
Address: 1. Cadde 71

Opening hours: Daily 12.00-23.00.
Static map showing venue location