Ali Baba Köfteci

Restaurants Arnavutköy

What started out in a little meatball-selling cart and then moved to a temporary little store in Arnavutköy, is in a much larger, permanent position in Arnavutköy today. With delicious meatballs and fantastic piyaz (onion and parsley salad) Ali Baba has lost neither flavour nor quality over the years and remains one of the city’s best. They also continue to provide service in their old location on the main road. While the newer venue serves until 22.00, service continues between 21.00 and 03.00 at the old restaurant. Ali Baba also has a seafood restaurant in Arnavutköy.


Venue name: Ali Baba Köfteci
Address: 1.Cadde 69/71

Static map showing venue location