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ANY is a new all-day neighborhood eatery that has set up shop amongst the fish restaurants of Arnavutköy. Its young and hip “corner pub” vibe helps set it apart from its neighbors and give it a more Nişantaşı, Bebek or Karaköy feel. The location is no accident, of course; ANY aims to be a relatively calm and quiet venue – that is, except at night.


The venue is spread out over two floors and includes a bar, tables, VIP areas and DJ cabins. The mostly wooden décor bears the touch of owners Oytun and Hülya Yazdıç as well as No:3 Design. Just about everything is limited edition and for sale, so it’s entirely likely that you might visit for lunch and end up ordering a new cutlery set or a table.


The menu features items that suit the Turkish palate, enriched with fine details like sauces. ANY starts the day at 08.00 with a breakfast menu of two different platters, other add-ons and a variety of egg dishes. For lunch and dinner, you can choose from quick starters or more communal options, like potato balls served on a bed of truffles or mozzarella fritta. The salad menu is extensive enough to satisfy those looking for a full meal (shoulder of lamb and noodle salad) as well as those in the mood for a lighter option (parmesan and pear salad). Meat is king when it comes to the main courses at ANY, with the chefs’ recommendations being the tenderloin and the beef lokum (an incredibly soft cut of meat found in the center of the tenderloin). ANY’s specialty is the morel mushroom, available in sauce form to go with your tenderloin or in burgers and pasta dishes. The menu also includes a short and satisfactory selection of pizzas and pastas, with options like four-cheese pizza or rigatoni with Bolognese sauce. The desserts are prepared daily and the drinks menu is highly diverse, with summertime favorites being homemade iced tea and ayran with herbs and lemonade.


As mentioned at the beginning, ANY’s choice to take up residence in Arnavutköy doesn’t make it any less popular after dark. DJ Ekim Baykara spins every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night until 03.00. For now, ANY remains a hidden gem for those who’ve grown tired of the crowds at Bosphorus-adjacent clubs. We recommend checking out the top floor with a sea view or, better yet, trying to grab a seat on its mini terrace.


Venue name: ANY
Address: Arnavutköy Bebek Caddesi 71/A

Opening hours: Mon, Tue, Thurs, Sun (08.00-01.00); Wed, Fri, Sat (08.00-03.00)
Static map showing venue location