Aşşk Kahve

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Aşşk Kahve

When you walk down to the water right by the Macrocenter in Kuruçeşme, you'll be greeted by Aşşk Kahve's large garden. Green on one side and blue waters on the other make for a relaxing view – one of the top reasons locals flock here. Since it's summer and most of us are counting calories, we recommend the salads at Aşşk Kahve, particularly the Izmir salad. Don't forget to greet their fat yellow cat on your way out!


Venue name: Aşşk Kahve
Address: Muallim Naci Caddesi 64/B, Kuruçeşme

Opening hours: Mon 12.00-01.30; Tue-Sun 09.00-01.30.
Static map showing venue location