Bej Kahve

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Bej Kahve is the real reason why we visit Karaköy more frequently nowadays; disappear from sight after touring art shows; and sacrifice our sleep to have coffee before work, not at Beşiktaş, but at Karaköy.


Beymen Bej, the must-visit spot in IstinyePark, created Bej Kahve, a brand new space in Karaköy that is far from the IstinyePark location when it comes to the cuisine and the concept, but that we adore for its beauty, flavours and the sister store it encompasses, called Kağıthane. Bej Kahve is located in the corner of the entrance to Fransız Geçidi (French Passage). This is a cozy space with a French feel, from the windows covered halfway in tulle, to the open kitchen with a counter in the middle where you can perch; the chit-chat sections in front of the window with grandfather chairs, to the fresh flowers on the tables.


The menu features daily soups, entrées and pasta dishes as well as Panzanella, which will have regulars clamouring over themselves to get a taste. There are also salads and sandwiches in dürüm (wrap), pita and toast varieties. As for dessert, there are daily cakes and pies in addition to the pumpkin dessert with caramel. The lemon and chocolate cake are among the favourites. For those who may be wondering what the daily menu is like, the day we visited, veggie soup was the Soup of the Day and veggie köfte, the Meal of the Day. The lunch menu features the Special/Pasta of the Day and salad; Bej Kahve offers brunch on Sundays from 10.00-16.00 and breakfast on other days from 08.00- 12.00. No alcohol is served at Bej Kahve.


From the Menu


Panzanella 16 TL

Veggie sandwich with Hellim cheese 15 TL

Pumpkin dessert with caramel 7 TL

Tea 2.50 TL

Bej Ayran 7 TL


Venue name: Bej Kahve
Address: Kemankeş Caddesi, Fransız Geçidi İş Merkezi 11/A, Karaköy.

Static map showing venue location