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Burger Project
Burger Project

A true burger bun. Made exclusively for Burger Project, this bun doesn’t soak up the sauce or crumble apart as you’re eating to leave you grasping at your meat patty. This soft and lightly sweetened burger bun also comes in a whole-wheat variety, but if you’re not dieting, we recommend sticking with
the original.

The patty
The ground beef comes from the rib of heifers. In addition to salt and black pepper, it’s kneaded with a tiny bit of cream to ensure that the meat patty stays juicy. Follow the chef’s recommendation and order yours rare or medium-rare to get the full flavor.

Although Armutlu may seem a bit out of the way, it’s actually close to both Etiler and the Baltalimanı shore. The chefs also put plenty of thought into ensuring that their food travels well for deliveries, from packaging design to choosing potatoes that will stay crispy in transit.

The menu
The good news is that you won’t be confused by an overabundance of sauces. The Project Turco comes with a 130-g meat patty, spicy pastrami, hot sauce and fresh kaşar cheese. In addition to classic hamburgers and cheeseburgers, you’ll also find options like the Project Roquefort & Funghi or the Project Argentina with a spicy chimichurri sauce. If you’re still undecided, you might want to try the mini burger trio of cheeseburger, Argentina and Roquefort & Funghi. Make a meal out of it with a drink as well as French fries or onion rings, or skip the fries and opt for coleslaw or a potato-green apple salad.

The chicken
We don’t know how you feel about ordering a chicken burger at a burger joint, but Ceylin Atay – who contributed greatly to Burger Project’s concept and menu – has managed to sway us. Both the Gıdak – featuring 100 grams of shredded chicken with barbecue sauce and coleslaw – and its healthier alternative The Fit Gıdak – which comes with light coleslaw and whole-wheat bread – are tasty enough to warrant your consideration.


Venue name: Burger Project
Address: Bilgi Sokak 30/D
Armutlu, Etiler

Opening hours: daily 11.30-22.00
Static map showing venue location