Bursa Garaj

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You do not need to travel all the way to Bursa to have an authentic Iskender kebap experience; Bursa Garaj in Levent will make you just as happy. Every ingredient: the yoghurt, the meat, the pide, it all comes from Bursa—even the service and presentation is as it is in Bursa. At Garaj, the iskender is served with ‘herse’ salad which contains aubergine, parsley, tomato and onion. On one side of the plate is the yoghurt. You can order your iskender with döner, meatballs, tenderloins, or mixed. Once the plate has been prepared and the melted butter poured, even vegetarians will find themselves reconsidering. Aside from iskender, there’s lentil soup, salad, shepherd’s salad (tomato and onion), and for dessert, there’s Kemalpaşa (warm biscuits soaked in sugary sherbet with cheese) and sweet pumpkin dessert from Antakya. There is no alcohol served. If you go with a car, you won’t have to worry about parking as they have a valet service. They also act as a catering service.


Venue name: Bursa Garaj
Address: Hacı Adil Sok. Karanfil Sok. 2. Aralık 2/1

Static map showing venue location