Cafe Bunka

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Located in the Japanese Culture Centre, the cute, little Japanese Café Bunka is a two-storey surprisingly comfortably for such a small space. This may be due to the Japanese’s uncanny ability to maximise small spaces for efficient use, we really don’t know! For those who experiencing Japanese culture for the first time, we recommend the Tatami room downstairs. Everything, right down to the reading material on the shelves, is in Japanese. The menu consists of Japanese food and sushi, and you may choose to have alcohol with your meal. Our favourite aspect of Bunka was the tea service. Traditional tea is brewed in traditional Japanese teapots with water ladled from a large container which keeps the water hot. For days when you’d rather not leave the house, they also deliver.


Venue name: Cafe Bunka
Address: Japon Kültür ve Enformasyon Merkezi, İstiklal Caddesi Ana Çeşme Sokak 3

Opening hours: Daily 12.00-23.00.
Static map showing venue location