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The restaurant has a clear view of Karaköy and the Galata Bridge from the balcony, which is the perfect place to relax on summer nights. The décor is casual, with tables placed along the floor-to-ceiling windows and couches thrown in the middle for a more "café" feel. The staff is also casually dressed and attentive. There is a small bar, behind which is the kitchen. A couple of nargile (water pipes) sit along the wall, which one can imagine will get plenty of use year-round. Café Kat 4 is a family-owned and operated establishment. The family owns the business han (arcade) in which the restaurant is located. The fact that Café Kat 4 is familyowned means they don’t have to pay rent, which translates into lower prices. Indeed, the combination of the view and the reasonable prices is one that’s hard to find in the touristic Sirkeci neighbourhood.


The menu features a whopping 110 dishes, including breakfast items, appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, salads, pastas, pizzas, fajitas, meat, chicken and seafood entrées, desserts and, of course, tea and coffee. There are also local wines in Kavaklıdere and Doluca brands. In short, Café Kat 4 offers world fare at economic prices. The fajitas and fish are popular, as are the dessert dishes. The two chefs in the kitchen are experienced in world fare and known for their original sauces. Nothing is kept frozen in the restaurant; everything is fresh and made to order. The sirloin served with a creamy mushroom sauce is tender, while the Brussel sprouts and cauliflower (a hard sell, given that most people don’t like these tasty veggies) are flavourful and not at all mushy. The fried ice cream encased in what can be described as a baseball-sized chocolaty Cocoa Puff is a successful dessert, yet the chocolate şelale (waterfall) is the taste to beat at Café Kat 4. Served with tangerines, banana, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream, the chocolate, quite literally, cascades onto the plate.


Grab your friends and head out to Café Kat 4 on a nice day for their serpme breakfast (traditional Turkish breakfast with a bit of everything), which comes with cold cuts, three kinds of cheese, olives, honey, kaymak (fresh crème) and unlimited tea, all for just 15 TL.


From the Menu


Spesiyal basket 13 TL

Kat 4 schnitzel (chicken) 12 TL, (meat) 17 TL

Sea bass baked on ceramic, stuffed with vegetables 25 TL

Chocolate şelale 7 TL

Glass of Turkish wine 12 TL


Venue name: Café Kat 4
Address: Hobyar Mahallesi, Yalı Kökü Caddesi, Altınhan No: 64, 4th floor

Static map showing venue location