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Sometimes, you just get sick of those large machines that make you feel as though you’re putting someone through great trouble for a cup of coffee and the thoroughly-skilful baristas who echo that feeling – not to mention the menus that would have you believe there’s only one kind of espresso on earth... If this sounds like you on most days, then we recommend visiting İstinyePark’s newest resident: Cafem’o. This Italian café-bistro is most notably a provider of pods, seeds and ground coffee to be used in different machines, as well as easy-to-use, single-button coffee machines that work with the Caffitaly System. You can order any hot or cold cappuccino, caffe latte or other coffee-based drink with any of the seven kinds of espresso you like. Cafem’o’s specialties include ginseng espresso, which increases mental, physical and sexual strength, and orzo, whose natural formula aids digestion. But it’s not all coffee, all the time here. You can also try the ginseng-martini, which makes for an ideal afternoon pick-me-up, or the snacks that go perfectly with coffee, courtesy of Chef Carlo Bernardini. We’re talking tarts, pies, cakes, sandwiches... With such a democratic approach to coffee, it’s only a matter of time before Cafem’o locations start sprouting up all over the city. Consider this your warning, and stop by İstinyePark for a preview.



l'Americano - My Piu Longo 6TL

Caffe Latte 7.50TL

Spinach and ricotta cheese pie 6.50TL

Chocolate tart 8.50TL

My Orzo Dream 15TL


Venue name: Cafem’o
Address: İstinye Park

Opening hours: Daily 10.00 - 22.00
Static map showing venue location