Caferağa Medresesi

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Caferağa Medresesi (Madrasah) is one of the monuments of Mimar Sinan that adorns Istanbul like a diamond. Currently in this 16th century Madrasah, there are marbling, calligraphy, illumination, jewellery, miniature, ney, lute and guitar courses given. And for the garden, you can find dishes from Turkish cuisine being served. The madrasah is most convenient for breakfast and lunch but you can reserve it for group dinners as well. The menu is rich in a variety of soups and there is at least one type of pot dish and grilled meat served every day with rice or pasta. There are also snacks like grilled chese sandwiches and hamburgers as well as salads and home-made cookies. In the garden, you can either seat outside or in rooms. During Ramadan, Caferağa Medresesi opens later in the morning and closes later in the evening.


Venue name: Caferağa Medresesi
Address: Caferiye Sokak Soğukkuyu Çıkmazı 1

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 08.30-19.00.
Static map showing venue location