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This cute boutique on the Küçük Bebek Hill, deserves a visit with its unique and tasty delights. The owner of Chocoist Soley Arı is a true genius when it comes to chocolate. After working in the cake industry for a while, she was finally able to fulfill her dream and open this cute boutique on the Küçük Bebek hill. She prepares the chocolates on the first floor and sells them on the ground floor. Fig, apricot, sesame, black seed and almond-filled Turkish delights are definitely among the ones we recommend. The muesli bars with dried apricot and sunflower seeds are normally cooked with butter; however there are bars that are cooked with coconut milk for those who are watching their weight. The low-sugar but high-chocolate cherry brownies are to die for. Soley Arı also prepares desserts on special order and makes sure that all products are prepared with organic ingredients. The dried fruits and ingredients are all brought over from the Malatya Bazaar. Trust that everything here is homemade and totally pure, which means you must consume them within 2 weeks or they go bad.


Venue name: Chocoist
Address: Küçük Bebek Caddesi 83, Bebek

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10.00-19.00.
Static map showing venue location