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hen popular bar Corridor had to leave its digs at MillîReasürans Çarşısı a few months ago, we expected it to relocate elsewhere in Nişantaşı, but much to our surprise, it popped back up in Kuruçeşme. Owners Anıl Yazgan and Hakan Ali Özkan say they hope to benefit from the Bosphorus view at their new location without losing Corridor’s character: indeed, the venue stands out in the row of clubs and restaurants frequented by men in suits and women in heels. As the posters brought over from Nişantaşı suggest, Corridor still blares tunes by the likes of Prince, Jim Morrison and Freddie Mercury. The venue also continues to serve a selection of cocktails, including molecular ones, flavored with syrups prepared on-site. Corridor’s new manager Melis Önderoğlu Maxwell (who previously ran the successful Vietnamese restaurant Cochine) is also working on a succinct menu aimed at drawing the crowds for dinner, so it’s worth keeping an eye on this Bosphorus newcomer.


Venue name: Corridor
Address: Abdi İpekçi Caddesi Milli Reasürans Çarşısı 47-48, Nişantaşı

Static map showing venue location