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The latest feat by KafePi Group, Curcuna managed to overhaul the space where Romeo & Juliet performance hall rested in Şişhane in as short a time as one month. They kept the large garden and transformed it into an amusement park of sorts, with two large bars (one of which looks like a carousel) and a whole array of tables and chairs with edgy designs. There’s even an enciting pool underneath one of the tables that’s enticing in itself.


The menu is quite chaotic, and purposefully so, we’re told, to accommodate diners for any meal of the day (we intend to revisit solely to taste our way through the breakfast menu). Watermelon and feta cheese are offered with each meal. Snacks are the stars of the menu, though you’ll also find burgers, salads and main courses. We cast our vote for the penne vodka with smoked salmon, but you could also opt for street food served in hygienic conditions such as mussels on the half shell, kokoreç (seasoned, skewered lamb’s intestines), chicken with rice as well as mini versions of wet hamburgers and cheeseburgers. What sets Curcuna’s flavours apart is the presentation – like pizza served on cardboard or meat skewers stuck to the holes of a salt shaker. KafePi’s expertise in cocktails is also evident here at Curcuna. The favourite is Lolipop, made with gin and apple syrup and served with an apple-flavoured lollipop, though another hit with groups is likely to be the Blue Aquarium, which comes in a glass vase with multiple straws.


At night, the usually-calm Curcuna takes on a club-like feel, with alternative, indie-rock and Turkish pop from the past two decades blaring through the outdoor terrace. A DJ performs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.


Venue name: Curcuna
Address: Evliya Çelebi Mahallesi, Refik Saydam Caddesi 15

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 08.00-03.00; Saturday, Sunday 08.00-04.00.
Static map showing venue location