Del Mare Ristorante

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Converted into a spirits factory in the early 20th century, the building stands now, 200 years later, on the Bosphorus seaside. Although it’s primarily a fish restaurant, they also offer selections from traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Fish in salt, braised angler, jumbo prawns with vermicelli, seafood spaghetti are among the options while Chef Orhan Demirer’s specialties include fish ravioli, paella and beğendi (aubergine and cream sauce) with fish. Desserts recommended are sufle and apricot dessert. This is all in addition to a constantly changing daily menu. Del Mare, which also hosts cocktail parties, engagements and weddings, has a terrace and ballroom for nicer weather and such events.


Venue name: Del Mare Ristorante
Address: Kuleli Caddesi 53/4

Opening hours: Daily 12.00-02.00.
Static map showing venue location