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Beyoğlu kebab house Dürümzade

One of the most annoying things about being veggie in Istanbul is the lack of fast, inexpensive street food. While your friends grab a quick kebab, you’re left with a bit of white bread and some limp salad to keep you going – but not if you happen to find yourself at Dürümzade. A tiny storefront just behind the Balık Pazarı (Fish Market) in Beyoğlu, Dürümzade is famed for its cheap, tasty kebabs, but few are aware of the even better vegetarian wraps they serve up too. Expertly seasoned, wrapped in thin, lightly toasted lavaş (flatbread), the veggie wraps are stuffed with red onion, mushrooms, melted kaşar cheese and parsley.


Venue name: Dürümzade
Address: Kalyoncu Kulluk Caddesi 26/A

Opening hours: Daily 11.00-late
Static map showing venue location