Esnaf Cengiz - Deniz Lokantası

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Esnaf Cengiz - Deniz Lokantası

Open 24/7, Deniz Lokantası is a tradesmen’s restaurant where you’ll find daily hot meals and desserts, but what the eatery really excels in are its soups.

When the restaurant’s late founder Cengiz Bey first opened up shop, he served just two kinds of soup, but today the list has grown to include 40 different recipes. Some of the most popular soups are those featuring offal, but if you’re feeling less ambitious, you can opt for the mung bean soup, the likes of which you probably won’t find anywhere else in the city. However, barring any dietary concerns, our top recommendation for winter months has to be the fish soup. 


Venue name: Esnaf Cengiz - Deniz Lokantası
Address: Çaydanlık Sokak 2
Kasımpaşa, Beyoğlu

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